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Steltronix started many years ago from a passion for technology and helping save the environment and it continues today driven by the same passion that both technology and saving the environment can work together, for everyone.
We started our business helping just friends and family, then friends of friends and family and now to a national level as we have gained enough experience to tackle any job with same great attitude and passion we started with. When you couple that with the knowledge, experience and attention to detail this sets us apart from our competitors.
We are driven by the idea of a greener planet and out prices are flexible to be able to resurrect even the older devices that would normally cost more than the device itself to fix.
You do not just get your device back repaired or upgraded, you can also get advice on how to extend its life, how to better use it and what to avoid in a fake digital world that is trying to exploit the average user.
In a world run by large corporations that focus on selling new technology by continually engineering in short term obsolescence and zero attention to long term customer satisfaction there are people like us that focus on YOU instead of the sale.
Check our articles page, we write articles about repairs we do, articles that might help fix the issue yourself or give you the confidence to send your device to us.

Passion and Professionalism

Steltronix Repair Shop

We are known for our unmatched service, quality, honesty, and reasonable prices. Drop-in if you are local, or you can mail in your device to us. We’ll service it and mail it back to you.

We repair devices on a component level. We specialize in motherboard repairs for all makes and models. Whether it’s an iPhone that does not power on, or iPad with backlight/touch problems, or you have a laptop that suddenly stopped powering on.

3 months warranty

No fix no fee

E-waste recycling

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