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Laptop Repair

PC builds

Game Consoles

Laptop board repair

We can work on laptops as old as time itself and also on cutting edge laptops for gamers of tomorrow.
From broken charging ports to exploded boards we have seen it all over the years. There are many factors when setting the price of a repair, we always try to make sure we are fair to all our customers. If you don’t want to fix it, we could buy it, part exchange it, return it or recycle it for you. If you need a laptop for work, gaming or just to look at pictures of cats, we can help.

Services we offer:

  • Board repairs
  • Precision micro soldering
  • Parts and component replacement
  • Upgrades such as CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD
  • Part exchange your laptop
  • Recycle your laptop
  • Laptop sales (check out for sales and articles sections)
  • 3 Months Warranty for repairs or sales
PC builds services

Steltronix strongly believes in the fight for a greener planet therefore we offer Gaming PC’s built only with a mix of new and used parts, often used parts offer the same performance at a fraction of the cost in new parts.
New is not always better.

Tell us what you need or want to use your machine for, Gaming, Workstation or simple daily tasks and we will get back to you with a price and parts list for the build or if you only need advice we are here to help.

3 Months Warranty for repairs or sales.

Gaming console repair

Gaming consoles are often plugged in, played, played, played and neglected then suddenly won’t switch on or they become very loud or simply display error messages.

We stock a variety of parts for almost every major manufacturer therefore repairs can be carried quickly and efficiently.

We can also upgrade your console or part exchange it.

  • Board repairs
  • HDMI repairs
  • DVD Drive replacement
  • HDD replacement
  • SSD Upgrade
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