Computer Power Supplies

Perhaps the most important component of every computer and usually the most overlooked, some of the most common faults we see in computers are blown power supplies which usually end up taking other components with them such as an expensive graphics card or a motherboard.
If you are building or upgrading a gaming PC and need a PSU, consider investing in a reputable brand such as Seasonic, EVGA, Corsair, also consider a fully modular power supplies or semi modular to reduce the amount of unused cables in your case.
Wattage is extremely important as well as the efficiency of the power supply, general rule of thumb is to use bigger wattage than needed but never below.
We also stock and sell proprietary power supplies usually found in Dell computers, Lenovo, Acer etc, manufacturers sometimes stray away from the industry standard and use proprietary connectors and you have to replace with the exact model.

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