Whether you are building an office computer or a gaming computer, cooling is extremely important, the lack of intake fans or a proper exhaust, the airflow in computer suffers and it will run hotter than it should, needless to say heat and electronics do not have the best relationship.
If you have an office computer browse our shop to replace that noisy 80mm case fan, or if you are building a quiet gaming rig then some 120mm Noctua fans will come to the rescue. Let\'s not forget about RGB fans to light up the inside of your rig. After all, you built it so you\'ll want to admire it.
Processor cooling presents perhaps the biggest question, should you go for a massive air cooler like a Noctua NH-D15? How about water cooling with a Corsair H100 or similar?
Water cooling tends to be more expensive but better looking, and if it\'s a closed loop they are quite durable, we haven’t found one yet that has failed.
Air coolers are cheaper, longer lasting but they are big and bulky.
We sell all types of fans and coolers ranging from 40mm to 200mm fans, we also stock hard to find fans that use proprietary connectors like Dell, Lenovo.

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